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Vintage Blankets Bohemian Knit Throw Thread Blanket Bed Sofa

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Size: 90x210cm


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Product Description:

Material: Cotton thread and polyester fiber.

Uses: It can be used as a full-cover sofa cover, sofa towel, chair cover, carpet, camping blanket, picnic mat, decorative sofa, bedside, model room, piano, etc.


Washing Note:

1. The soaking time should not be too long, the water temperature is below 30 degrees, the washing machine is gentle and weak, wool or hand washing.

2. Do not bleach!

3. It is recommended to wash the dark and light colors separately, the shrinkage rate of the fabric is 2%-3%,

3. After cleaning, dry it in an outdoor ventilated place.


Note: There will be floating hair in the manufacturing process of the thread blanket, which is a normal phenomenon. It can be washed several times during the use process, and it is not a hair loss.

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